Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I call this one...My Future

Well it's time to grow up and be a man
Time to have a family and provide them all that I can
But it seems now school ain't too cool
But if I don't go I just get deemed a fool
I don't do school like the regular do
Because I'm not regular, I'm fresh, I'm new
I can't see myself working a 9 to 5 
Everyday hating work while struggling to survive
I see myself being great, changing the world around me
I can't see myself fearing phone calls while bill collectors hound me
I see myself making millions with an unlimited bank account
So much money I need a whole team to count
I see myself changing lives and being a role model
I can't see myself in the gutter looking at my life through the bottom of an empty bottle
I see myself being great like my heroes
But I want my fame to mean something, not just a paycheck with a lot of zeroes
I can't see myself being lazy, I always want to strive
Because although I don't believe in god, I know there is a reason I'm alive
It's to be great
That's my fate
It's not too late
And I know once I'm great
People will hate
And they'll state
That I'm not that great
But I know, greatness comes from what you do
And who you are, so who are you?
To tell me what I'm supposed to do

Monday, March 24, 2008

I call this one...Who You Used to Be.

Who did you used to be? A friend
We always had great times together, friends until the end
We would joke and poke fun at each other
But I thought of you as a brother
So when people would say things about you I would stand up against it
It was a thing where we could joke, but no one else could say shit
We would hang out everyday, from when I woke up in the afternoon until I went to bed the next morning
No matter what we would do, it never got boring
But I went away for a while to get things straight for myself
It seems when I left, you put me on the shelf
You found other friends, yea I did too
But you were still MY best friend, but I was nothing to you
I hope things friends are worth it, because this one is close to leaving
Our friendship was once great, and it was something I believed in.

I call this one...See the World

I want to see the world before I get old
Want to go where it's hot and spend a week where it's cold
Want to meet new people and see new things
I want to be in England when Big Ben rings
I want to go to Australia and see some kangaroos
Fly to France and fly to Italy whatever I choose
Come back to America, see some sights here
Go down to the coast of Mexico, where the ocean is so clear
Go hiking in the forest, maybe climb a mountain
If I could get going, who knows what country I could be in
All I know is I need to leave what's here, spread my wings, I've got bags to pack
Once I leave here I'll look in a lot of directions, everyone except back.

Friday, February 29, 2008

I call this one...All signed up for the line of fire

As they sign up for the line of fire
They accept the inevitability that their life will soon expire
Our friends, our brothers, our sisters, mothers and our fathers too
They are fighting an unwanted fight, don't act like it doesn't bother you
The letters from war are read soaked in tears
As our loved ones are across the seas living out our fears
Our Commander and Chief 
Stands by his belief
That what he is doing is right
Sending loved ones to fight
His war on terror
Where there is no room for error
If they slip up, they could die
If they slip up, we will cry
As we sit and wait
For strangers to decide their fait
Will they die or will they live
Giving all they have to give
So on with our lives we go
Keeping you in our thoughts and in our hearts, while you are over being heroes.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I call this one...Secret for a Friend

As you take a look around
You see drugs are easily found
On the corner, in the parking lot, even in your house
They can take control of friends and family, girlfriend or spouse
It can cause your friends to keep secrets, saying that they're fine
When really the only way they can cope is to go and snort a line
When coke is his best friend and I don't mean the soda
Because he can't survive the day alone anymore, his like is so tough
It's hard to keep this secret, even if it is for a friend
Because if I keep this secret, it could bring his life to an abrupt end
Keep his trust or save his life, the decision I must make
When you look into his eyes, his happiness is so fake
Friends are forever, but loose lips can sink a ship
Can these lips sink even the strongest ship? The one called friendship?
I didn't want to know the secret
I don't want to keep it
But I will die to protect my friends
Even if it means our friendship ends

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I call this one...Where did it go?

Where did it go? 
The love we used to know
Why did it leave?
Am I just being naive?
I thought what we had was special, even unique
I've always been known to be a strong guy, but your smile would make me weak
Each day with you was like a holiday
Because with you, all of my worries would just wash away
You'd take me away to paradise
Together we would share a vice
Me and you, you and me
I wanted all of the world to see
Our happiness, and what we were together
When there were rain clouds, you were my sunny weather
Why did we stop laughing? Why did we stop smiling?
Why did our phones stop dialing?
All we have now is our memories, but those are fading with the distance
But the real sad thing is, I'd take you back in an instant.

I call this one...Be Kind

As I take a look around, I'm disgusted with what I see
People take, but don't give, nothing but selfishness around me
So I do what I can
I lend a helping hand
And I ask my fellow man
To do the same
Restore the name
Of what was once considered a great race
Slap hate in the face
Be kind to those close as well as far
No matter who you or they are
Kindness can go miles
It can bring smiles upon smiles
It can turn enemies into friends
Make friendships with no ends
We can make the world a better place to live
If we just take the time to give
It's not all work and no play
If we all give a little bit each and every day
Eventually it well get around, everyone can feel rewarded
From the rich, to the poor kid
If you reach out and touch someone
We can all become one
One person, one place
One smile on one face
This doing good stuff can come in handy
And help us all become one big happy family